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Project PB

Providing Everything You Need to get your Personal Best

  • Is there an event that you would love to do but you don't know where to start?

  • Have you lost the habit of exercise and want to get back to your best?

  • Are you struggling with motivation to implement, maintain or sustain a healthy fitness habit?

  • Are you finding it difficult to create routines and habits that support your wellbeing and career goals?

I help people achieve their personal best, whether that is training for new events, beating previous times/scores or just getting back into fitness by balancing work, life and fitness.


 How it works


We book an initial planning session to ensure that all workouts are aligned to your long and short term goals.

Tailored plan

I create you a completely tailored training plan based on your starting point, needs and goals.

Bespoke workouts

I ensure that all of the workouts are bespoke to ensure that they use the equipment and facilities that you have access to.

On going support

We maintain weekly direct contact in order to keep you motivated, accountable and ensure that we have the ability to adapt the plan when life happens.

Wellbeing coaching

I coach you in 1 hour sessions where we focus on overcoming barriers, embedding habits, exploring opportunities and creating personalised wellbeing action plans

What my clients say


I had it, I lost it, but Sean helped my find it and keep it.


In my 20s I worked out 4+ times a week for years and often went through long periods of healthy eating, hitting a high water mark of have a 6-pack for the first time by my 30th birthday.


But then through injuries and a busy work life I completely lost touch with fitness for over four years, gained over 10kgs of fat and really struggled to get back in to a routine.


I started working with Sean in January 2023, he provide a weekly work out plan, help me set goals and held me accountable. In this last year, I have exercised more than in the previous four, I hit PBs in running total distance, half marathon, 10k and 5k, I've lost significant body fat and also competed in a Hyrox.


Sean is inspiring, disciplined and completely dedicated to his own fitness journey and that of the people he coaches, which is a group I'm proud to be part of.

Guy Earnshaw - Director at Redwood Sales and Marketing

Can I help you?
Book onto a complimentary consultation and let's start working together to build your custom plan. 

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